I have been involved in Financial Services for well over 3 decades. During that time I have come to understand that many of the things we have been taught about how to build wealth and create financial security simply do not work.

It became clear to me that traditional financial planning and thinking was failing us . So About 10 years ago I completely transformed my approach to how I advised my clients.

The economic future we are living in to is far different than anything we’ve experienced in the past. We are in a new financial paradigm that requires an entirely new way of thinking.

With that in mind, my company, the AllianceGroup has embarked on a mission to create financially empowered individuals and families by providing our clients with educational information about how money really works. We teach our clients unique financial strategies that reduce financial risk and create greater financial certainty.

We help people understand that every day they are unnecessarily and in many cases unknowingly transferring their wealth away from them.

We show them how to identify the wealth transfers in their life and then reduce or eliminate them entirely.

We have created a series of short educational videos that explain more about wealth transfer and ways to create financial certainty.

This coming Thursday at 6 pm mountain time we have scheduled a 40 minute webinar during which we will talk about some of the economic challenges we will be facing in the future. We will talk about some common wealth transfers and we will share a unique financial strategy we call the Family Banking System.