Wealth Transfer Analysis


Wealth Transfer Analysis

Please complete the form below so that we can help you identify the Wealth Transfers in your life and put a plan together to either reduce or eliminate them altogether.

Wealth Transfer Analysis

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Why Should I Get My Analysis?
#1 You are tired of Market Risks
#2 You want certainty when you retire
#3 You are tired of paying banks and financial institutions interest


When you request a FREE Analysis you’ll learn:
How much income you can count on having during your retirement years


What Your Maximum Financial Potential is by implementing the Family Banking System


How to pay for major purchases like cars and earn the interest, rather than pay the interest


And much much more


Each plan is unique…
Each plan is designed by one of our highly trained Wealth Strategists and will be designed to meet your specific goals and dreams. The nice thing about the Family Banking System is that there is no minimum amount you need to put in to start a plan.


Many of our clients start with as little as $300 per month which in most cases is just being redirected so there is not additional impact on your monthly budget. The great nerws is that you can put in as much money as you wish within certain liberal guidelines.


How will I fund my Plan?
We have had a number of clients who at first thought they would not be able to come up with $300 a month to start down the path towards creating financial certainty and safety?


The great news is that the Family Banking System™ Wealth Strategists have been specifically trained on how to help people restructure their current finances to free up capital to fund a plan that will help you reach your goals and dreams – with market risk or volatility that is associated with most traditional investments.


There is no risk to see if this is right for you
You will find that working with one of our Wealth Strategists is an extremely easy and educational process that is accompanied without any pressure tactics.


Once you plan has been put together it will be quite evident to you that it either makes sense or not. If it does we will work closely with you to get it implemented


Let's get started
As soon as you fill out the form to your left one of our specially trained Wealth Strategists will be assigned to your case and wil be in touch with you shortly.